How to Become a Cosmetology Teacher

Published: 23rd September 2011
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If you are a patient person with good communication skills and leadership qualities, and you are passionate about hair, makeup, skin and nails, you should be interested in learning how to become a cosmetology teacher. You are the ideal type of person for this job. Cosmetology is a very important field in todayís society, and even men are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of investing in some type of service from a cosmetologist on a regular basis. Without expert teachers working in cosmetology schools, there would be no one to train students on the finer points of cosmetics, hairstyling, laser hair removal, manicures, pedicures, waxing and all the other cosmetology services that are in demand today.

How to Become a Cosmetology Teacher

In order to be a cosmetology teacher, you should have knowledge and skill in all the different subject areas that may be taught in a cosmetology school, even if youíre only planning on teaching courses in one subject area that you are an expert in. Youíll need to complete at least 1,500 hours of schooling through a vocational school or 2,000 hours of apprenticeship with a salon owner. This will get you a cosmetology degree, and you will still need to get professionally certified and acquire some experience in the field.

When you attend a cosmetology school with the goal of becoming a teacher, you will really need to learn it all. You will need to learn hair styling techniques including bleaching, blow drying, clipping, coloring, cutting, flat ironing, razoring, chemical relaxants, perms, styling products and more. You will also need to learn about applying makeup, performing facials and other skin services, doing nails, waxing, giving arm/head/neck/shoulder massages and much more. At the end of it all, you will sit for a state board exam that will test your knowledge and abilities through both theory and practice tests. It is especially important to be prepared for the practice test, so itís a good idea to get as much time in on mannequins or live subjects as you can beforehand.

Most cosmetology teachers have a lot of experience before they begin teaching. If your goal is to become a teacher, youíll still want to get out there and experience the professional world before you begin training the next generation. This will ensure that you have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to the next generation. is complete information portal about beauty careers and education programs in United States and Canada. Visit site and get detailed information about top beauty schools and beauty programs. Choose best school and course for you and start your path to a rewarding career.

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