How to Become a School Nurse

Published: 18th November 2010
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If you learn how to become a school nurse you will see that it is probably not as hard as you may have imagined; although, you will need to go to college for a bachelorís degree, which most jobs require these days. As a school nurse you will be responsible for the students of a school or district while they are there during school hours. If students are hurt while at school you will be there to help until paramedics arrive, if it is that serious. Students will come to you when they are feeling nauseous, when they get into accidents between classes, when it appears they have a virus and other such incidents. You will also be expected to make sure students with asthma, diabetes and other conditions stick to their prescribed treatment plans while they are at school. Issues of sexual and mental health may also arise. It is an important job indeed.

The first step to becoming a school nurse is getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and passing the state administered exams to become a registered nurse. This exam is known as the NCLEX-RN, and it is the only way to become licensed for this profession in the United States. Your state may also require passage of the National Board for Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) certification exam, and even if it doesnít it is still recommended. As you study to earn this important certification you will learn the latest news and procedures in the school nursing field.

There are school nursing jobs at elementary schools, junior high and high schools, universities, private schools and public health departments. You may apply for these jobs once you have the required education, training, experience and certification. The school you attend will likely provide detailed information about the specific steps to take to get the jobs, and they may also offer career placement services. The median expected salary for these careers is around $44,000, although this will vary depending on where you live and what kind of place you work. With experience and advancement you can make more.

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