Top Hairstyle Trends of 2012

Published: 26th March 2012
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Are you looking for the top hairstyle trends of 2012? Here are some tips for your consideration.

Long Hairstyles

Long and Bouncy

If you want to frame your face with soft waves and achieve that relaxed, groomed finish with optimal bounce, this gorgeous blow-out is the perfect style. The long and bouncy style is suitable for people with long wavy hair or long straight hair of all colors

Homemade Curls

A more relaxed style, homemade curls is great for the modern woman who wants to exude a nostalgic look. It radiates a laid-back air with an original, girlish touch. The homemade curls style is suitable for people with long wavy hair or long straight hair of all colors.

French Twist

This classic style is one which never goes out of fashion, and in 2012, it will be celebrated, along with other classic hairstyles. The French twist hairstyle is suitable for all hair colors, and itís especially popular during spring and summer.

Half-Up Brigitte Bardot

Named after the legendary sex symbol, try this hairstyle for a naughty, pouty look. Whether it is day or night, the half-up Brigitte Bardot hairstyle is sexy, and playful. Half out, half up, you can make it as sexy or sleek as you desire.

Mid-Length Hairstyles

Retro Faux Bob

Whether you want to symbolize Betty Draper cool or Stepford wife perfection, the retro faux bob will provide a modern interpretation of the classic style. In 2012, this hot style from the 1960s will be given a more pristine, structured, and complete touch.

Wet-Look Chignon

For some reason, the wet-look is never out of fashion, and this year, the wet-look chignon will be making the rounds as one of the top hairstyles. Itís a fun style with a relaxed feel and a lot of room for versatility. The wet-look chignon is suitable for all types of mid-length hair or long hair.

Piled Up and Pinned Hairstyle

Have you ever wanted a hairstyle which is a little bit carefree and a little bit stylish? The piled up and pinned hairstyle is the perfect definition of a style which is natural, yet elegant. Though it does not require any sophisticated tools or techniques, you should be prepared to spend some time to create that done-undone look.

Double French Twist

As described above, the French twist is a hairstyle which never goes out of fashion but how about the double French twist? Worn so glamorously by models on Diane von Furstenbergís spring/summer runway, this bouffant hairstyle will doubtlessly promote a vintage elegance, on the double.

Short Hairstyles

Mod Bob

It seems that quite a number of the most fashionable hairstyles of 2012 are derived from the 1960s, and the mod bob returns all the power to the modern woman. Inspired by sex goddesses like Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot, the mod bob is messy, voluminous, and ultra sexy.

Afro Hair

Thereís not just a revival of the 1960s fashion but also a return to the 1970s style so the afro is definitely in. The 2012 afro style is somewhat dreamy and soft, and you are going to see it a lot in magazines and the streets.

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