What are the Top 10 Cities to Study Fashion

Published: 16th February 2012
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The fashion industry has been experiencing a boom in recent years, and this has created a lot of job opportunities for fashion students. If you wish to pursue a career in fashion, you can start by enrolling in a good fashion school. There are numerous fashion schools around the world, and the finest ones are mostly located in cities that have an active fashion scene. Here are the top 10 cities to study fashion:

1) New York City

New York City is widely regarded as the top fashion city in the world. It has one of the strongest fashion infrastructures in the world, and it is home to many outstanding fashion schools. If you choose to study fashion in New York City, you can attend prestigious schools such as Parsons, Fashion Institute of Technology, PRATT, and LIM College.

2) Paris

Paris is one of the major fashion capitals of the world, and it is the place where the most important fashion shows are held. Studying fashion in this city enables you to get first-hand experience of the latest fashion trends. Some of the well-known fashion schools that can be found in Paris include Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale, Esmod, and Studio Bercot.

3) London

London is definitely a great place to study fashion. It hosts the finest fashion shows, and it has an extensive variety of fashion retailers. Most importantly, it offers top-class fashion education through esteemed schools such as Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art, London College of Fashion, University of Westminster, and Kingston University.

4) Milan

Milan is known as the fashion mecca of Italy, and it has a most vibrant fashion atmosphere. There are many schools in this city that provide an outstanding fashion education, including the Isituto Marangoni and Koefia.

5) Los Angeles

As the filmmaking capital of the world, Los Angeles has a huge influence on fashion trends around the world. It is also a preferred destination for those who wish to study fashion, because it is home to excellent fashion schools such as Otis College of Art and Design and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise.

6) Tokyo

Tokyo has long been the number one fashion capital in Asia, and it has produced many famous fashion designers. Some of the leading fashion schools in this city are the Bunka Fashion College and Mode Gakuen.

7) Sydney

Sydney has been gaining recognition as a fashion center, and it is widely considered one of the top fashion cities in the world. It also boasts distinguished fashion schools such as TAFE Institute of Technology and FBI Fashion College.

8) Singapore

Singapore is a leading fashion center in Asia, and it has an excellent reputation for fashion education. The Raffles University in Singapore has produced many award-winning fashion designers.

9) Melbourne

Melbourne is the second most important fashion city in Australia, but it has the best fashion schools in the country. Aspiring fashion designers in Melbourne can attend the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Whitehouse Institute of Design, or Melbourne School of Fashion.

10) Providence

The city of Providence in Rhode Island may not be a well-known fashion center, but it is home to two of the best fashion schools in the world. These schools are the Rhode Island School of Design and Columbus College of Art and Design.

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