What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

Published: 26th September 2011
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What does a fashion designer do? This may seem obvious, but fashion designers may have numerous different responsibilities that you never thought of. Of course, a fashion designer’s main job is typically designing clothes, shoes and/or accessories. This involves drawing sketches, making patterns, picking out materials, sewing, stitching and using other techniques that enhance the production of clothing. But as with most jobs, there is much more to it than the basic job description.

The Tasks of a Fashion Designer

The tasks that a fashion designer performs will depend largely on where he or she works and what kind of fashions they are designing. An independent fashion designer that has their own label and sells clothes to stores or over the Internet will be in charge of their entire business from top to bottom, at least until they make it big and have a team working underneath them. This means doing everything from designing the clothes to deciding what direction to take the clothing line to advertising and networking to meeting with buyers and deciding on price points. It takes a lot of creativity to be a successful fashion designer striking out on your own, but more importantly, it takes a lot of business savvy. Without a good head on your shoulders you could easily watch your business crumble.

If you work for a large design house, you will probably focus more on your designing, but you will be expected to work within a certain aesthetic and will not have as much control over the designs you are producing. It all depends on what they are going for that season. It is even more tightly controlled for fashion designers working for large retail chains or big brand name labels, as there is a certain brand image that must be upheld. Working as part of a large team such as this also requires more interpersonal skills and being a team player. One last thing that fashion designers must often do is deal with models, especially those in high-end fashion. It’s all just part of what a fashion designer does on a daily basis.

For all your hard work, though, there are also many benefits of working for a large design firm, retailer or brand label. You have more support there for you when things get tough and deadlines are looming. Additionally, you have a steady paycheck, and you will probably have things like medical benefits and retirement options that you wouldn’t have on your own.

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